jueves, 13 de febrero de 2014


My models

MATERIALS, here we have an unreal desing of a model which is made by different kind of materials, playing with its textures, colours and definitely... with its PROPERTIES. Each one has a representation in my work in more or less measure and means differents things. (next week we will see the relation)

STRUCTURE, i made an alambric structure, light and ingravity which suggest me new ideas in my project, and new twits in my conception of the structure-space that we will see in the next week

SPACE, with this model i wanted to represent the subdivision of spaces in a cuve (easy example-quick model) making some of them more diaphanous, vertical, smoller, etc. What i wanted is to say that in a space like a mountain, there anre too different spaces inside of it, more o less conected with the surrounding space (for example the tree crown is more restricted than a land in the middle, which is more diaphanous)

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